Sunday, November 1, 2009

K White Gold Diamond Toe Ringt

K White Gold Diamond Toe Ringt common body part that is always ignored when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness is our feet. To us the main reason is while we do not look at our feet more often then may be nobody else does either. The assumption we make is very wrong as 1/3 of the people around us judge others while looking at their feet. I have a sibling who has the nature of looking at people’s feet to get a wild idea about their personality. If the women/men standing in front of her has feet that are clean from any disgusting thing you can imagine of the person has already passed her first test which is the personality and cleanliness test. In opposite cases the person fails if he/she has dirty feet no matter how expensive those feet have a pair of shoes on. As a result the first impression of a person is ruined without her even knowing or talking to them.

Now I guess as people have discussed this nature of them with others, people have finally woken up from the assumption they were making all those years. Our feet are just as important as any other part of our body may be more important as they bare with all the dirt, sand and crap lying around on the floor. Once th

The feeling is just like when you have your hands waxed or your eye brows plucked then you naturally go to accessorizing. The same need for anklets and toe rings c
become a cherished heirloom for many generations to come. Wearing jewelry featuring your birthstone is often thought to bring good luck to the wearer.
In addition, they are known for their ability to remove negative energy. But, have you ever considered purchasing some pieces of birthstone jewelery items as a present for someone special? Because of its personalized nature, it would certainly be a perfect gift for anniversaries and of course for birthdays.Here are the calendar months with their birthstones and meanings: January Garnet (deep red color) – love, passion February Amethyst (purple color) – luck, good health March Aquamarine (pale aqua color) – happiness, understanding April Diamond (clear color) – eternal love May Emerald (deep green color)- love, fidelity, goodness June Pearl (lustrous white color)- peace, beauty, nobility, purity July Ruby (red color) – love, strength, devotion August Peridot (pale green color)- success, dignity, protection September Sapphire (blue color) – purity, truth, sincerity October Opal (rainbow color) –

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