Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spring has already started and although

Spring has already started and although the weather might not be that good and sunny everywhere it might be a good idea to start looking for some trends.Especially during the warm seasons of the year, jewelry around the neck and the wrist becomes visible. However, some trends never change. And so it is with the black and white contrast which, as I think, matches every season of the year. But when it’s starting to get warmer, warm colors might not be such a bad idea, just like coral or yellow as this blog recommends. Just like this colorful YuKoN bracelet for example. Or to keep it simple in like sports, but during the cold seasons of the year most of them are impossible to do. Or did you ever try to play football on a frozen field? ;-) Now, the company Sixense has developed a new gaming system called “TrueMotion 3D”. This new system is like the Nintendo Wii, only much more accurate. So maybe by next year’s winter you could stand in your warm living room, playing golf or baseball. :-) But only because it is virtual sports, doesn’t mean that you’re not moving.A good thing that the TeNo bracelet ShiKou is equipped with the safe rubber technology, which allows you to wear your TeNo jewelry during your favorite sports activity, indoor or outdoor, without fearing to lose it. Also, thanks to the inner steel cable, it cannot break or rip apart in any way.acApparently, stainless steel jewelry can attract attention more than other kinds of jewelry. For example as described here, the effect of stainless steel on women. First I thought that they mean that men wearing this kind of jewelry attract women, but when reading the article you notice that they mean it elsewise.With attraction, they mean that women begin to discover that stainless steel is a very good option for them instead of silver for example. So if a man buys them stainless steel jewelry for special occasions like christmas or their birthdays it might impress them. In my mind, this might be a good side effect, but the most important that the jewelry looks good on you. So maybe if the man wears good looking stainless steel jewelry himself, it impresses the other gender as well. ;-) And for both, men and women, you can find here a big variety of different jewelry.knd steel, the ShiKou collection. Be prepared when the sun comes out the next time

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