Friday, December 10, 2010

Diamond jewellery

Cleansing of diamond rings:
If you cleanse your costume jewelry on a regular basis you can retain shining of the gorgeous and beautiful diamonds forever. The best method is to have a diamond precious stone cleansed by professionals in the field of jewelry. You can even have the jewel to be inspected and even checked for the setting of diamond at the same time by the expert.
Providing soft liquid soap rinse:
Drop your diamond jewelry into the tepid water with some liquid soap. Take a toothbrush and cleanse it softly. Than wash down each precious stone carefully under the running lukewarm water and dry it with a spongy fabric. Make sure that there is no gemstone in the water cup and empty it.
Dip the diamond jewelry into the solution of cold water and ammonia with the ratio of 1:1 for nearly 30 minutes. Make use of a squashy brush, cleanse all costume jewelry and deposit them back into the ammonia solution. Wash them in the running tepid water and dry them carefully using a paper towel.
Vodka on the Rocks:
No one knows that who has ever invented this kind of spooky and funky cleansing method to clean diamonds. But it is also a safe and easy way, but how to do it? Dip your diamonds into the glass that is filled with vodka and then just dry them in soft textile.

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