Thursday, August 20, 2009

Myonie 5mm Dual Finish Titanium Wedding Band

I too looked at a lot of wedding bands for myself and settled on this one because it had gold in it (my wife was keen on that) and it has a modern look without beeing too "metrosexual." My only gripe is that the gold part has gotten a little dinged-up over the past six months of wear, but hey I'm a guy. My things are usually a little dinged up. :) Good service from these folks when I got the ring and it was a little tight. Bookmark and Share

It's perfect. I bought it to use as a "regular" wedding ring, when I don't wear my fancier one. It's just perfect for that. Very simple and the edges aren't sharp. The customer service was also great. I actually purchased the wrong size, and it wasn't difficult to return and exchange for the correct size.

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