Sunday, August 30, 2009

Silver Cuff Bracelet


French cuff shirts are unique in themselves with adding cuff links one will add style to themselves.

Cuff links come in many different styles, shapes, colors, and quality. Silver cuff links are perhaps the most sought out color in cuff links to purchase. Gold and platinum are other colors one would choose to wear with a shirt.

Gold and platinum is more expensive to purchase than silver cuff links. With gold and platinum the metals are harder which will make cuff links last longer. Silver cuff links are made of an alloy with a plating of sliver over metal to give the shine and sparkle of sliver to the cuff link. Sliver cuff links are made to last with toughen sliver coating that is placed on the cuff link.

Most cuff links are design the same way with having a clasp on the end to hold a cuff link on the shirt while the top will be of different styles, colors and designs. Still some of the cuff links are made as years ago with the button and chain. Most men will wear a conservative set of cuff links. Where others will step out and wear a pair of unique cuff link.

Cuff links years ago were design with string and ribbon to hold the cuff of the shirt together. The turn of cufflinks then went to a simple chain with a button on each side to hold the cuff closed. As the fashion change and manufacturing increase, metal cuff link with clasp was easier to handle and close.

When purchasing a pair of cufflinks make sure they are of good quality. Some companies will use softer metals and inexpensive clasp to only bring the price down. With this, the use of cuff links will be short.
Today cuff links are just as popular as years of ribbons and string. The fashion trend has not changed much for purpose of cuff links as the fashion trend of different types of cuff links has. Women fashion trends over the years have turn to French cuffs that required cufflinks. Both men and women today look for unique cuff link to fit their fashionable outfit.

No matter who you are, there are all types of cuff links out. From unique sports type to plain and simple. Sliver cufflinks, or gold cufflinks are look of style for anyone.

Silver Cufflinks has been the fashion trend for century’s for men. When looking for Silver Cufflinks check out the internet for the best deal on Silver Cufflinks.

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