Friday, October 30, 2009


an immerse himself in the theatrical magic of Alpana Gujral's signature collection of cocktail rings and cuffs, earrings and necklaces created in gold, black and white, offset by monochromatic precious stones. Her new collection heralds a remarkable characteristic; each splendid piece of jewelry is exclusively carved with her signature.
Alpana's fetish for semi precious stones is prominent in this range as well. One can see a lavish use of tourmaline, citrine, aquamarine, and other colourful stones in her work. Informing us about the latest trends she says, "Pearls are back in a very big way along with yellow gold. There are lots of pearls in my collection as well, as they look quite classy. I don't think that anything can go out of fashion. The most important thing is that one should be comfortable wearing what one is wearing," she stresses.
Alpana has designed the interiors of her studio on her own giving it her personal touch. She has her father Satish Guown for her intricate embellishments, impeccable approach and is crowned with a fashion sense that compliments the ever changing trends in contemporary jewelry, Alpana Gujral has come out with a new signature collection - Masquerade .
A mesmerizing ambience would be created of "Masqurade – The Signature collection," uncovering the sensuality of La Bella Mascherata - a unique new collection that celebrates the gleam of pure gold, the mystique of midnight blacks and the satiny sheen of pristine pearls. Embodying the dramatic impact of a Venetian masquerade, each intricately crafted piece conjures up an aura of medieval mystery.
Deeply inspired by the legacy left by traditional Indian artisans, Alpana has keenly focussed on international research and trends. Each piece combines the contemporary with the classic; creating a timeless heirloom. Alpana Gujral's chic new collection includes — earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. These designs use the traditional craft of Minakari in gold and ruby and sap

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