Friday, February 26, 2010

atte finish Victorian chatelaine

atte finish Victorian chatelaine with initials "AIE" for "Amity, Eternity and Infinity" on this very
ou don’t have to go all ‘gung ho’ on every piece that’s in your jewelry box.
For simple gold pieces (necklaces and bangles without stones, enameling etc.), a good commercial jewelry cleaner will work wonders.
Depending on how intricate the pice is, give it a scrub with a soft bristle brush. For gold pieces with wide, flat surfaces, a polishing cloth is best.
With gold pieces, the gold will always oxidize to a certain extent, and unless you like the look of the piece when it is oxidized (some people prefer to let their antique pieces oxidize), a goodnusual matched set. It includes a belt clip 2-7/8"; three beaded chains 5"; compass (glass cracked

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