Friday, February 26, 2010

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r the early 1900s, other style and design trends assumed dominance, and the popularity of ancient jewelry styles faded for a few years. The Victorian Revival of the 1940s gave another boost to some Etruscan style designs, but these were not as dominant as they once had been. The next big boom in Etruscan style jewelry came from a rather different direction.
During the mid 20th century, charms and charm bracelets became a wildly popular phenomenon. Just as in all other areas of fashion, charms went through many styles and trends. An Etruscan-style charm craze struck during the 1950s, leading to a somewhat alarming reinterpretation of the minutely detailed, exquisitely crafted jewelry of the ancients. It is safe to assume that the original ancient artists would have been astonished by these renderings, which are large and crudely packed with swirls, spirals, glass stones, and faux pearls. Themes for these so-called Italian style or fancy charms included traditionally-inspired pitchers and urns, b

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