Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You really have to see them to

You really have to see them to appreciate the precise attention she gives every piece. Some feel and look like stone or leather, others are as smooth as glass. Every bead is truly a piece of art.

Personal favorites are in the nature line. Ferns, leaves, flowers - some taken from her own garden and pressed into the clay, others hand drawn onto or carved into the clay to make her wonderful designs- hung from dainty pieces of leather or hemp cord for a beautiful, simple look. Of course there are cuff and stretch polymer clay bracelets and earrings to match most every piece.

Rebecca has something for everybody - including the musician in the family. Check out her line of musical instruments. From banjo to saxophone she covers them all, using her wonderful feel for texture and color.

She also has several pieces that can only be described as abstract art - colorful and powerful pieces, that she puts together to make stunning accessories to go with any outfit. You can easily turn a plain white blouse into one of your favorite outfits with Rebecca's artwork.

Rebecca states: "I get more joy from people wearing my items than

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